Celestial Seasonings makes my favorite teas. I found them at Publix and ended up having two or three cups per day. I bought a box to bring home with me, but really should've bought more.

Tea is an essential ingredient for getting to know me in-depth. If you can drink tea with me while talking for hours about life, the universe and everything, it could make a lasting friendship.

Me and an ex-partner used to sit all night drinking endless cups of tea, while discussing politics, the future, love, our past and everything. Several intelligent ideas were born on our tea-nights.
A woman I lived with for a year also used to sit with me having cup after cup at night. We discussed our children, our pasts, our fears, and shared mistakes and regrets.
Me and my best friend also drinks tea together a lot, we think about strategies for solving our problems, talk about lifes' oddities and more.

I think that if you cannot share a tea with me, just you and me and cups of tea, our friendship will not grow strong. I need to be with someone who can be entertained by just talking with me. Cuddling up in a couch, sharing a blanket or sitting by a kitchen table, doesn't matter, what matters is the presence. That I know you're there, and you know I'm there.

In day-time conversations can be had about a lot of things, but it's only at night people get really close.

About an hour after writing the above a friend of mine, who's broke at the moment, sent me a text message cheering over the fact that he found some tea, and how happy he is that tea is good against hunger. He said that when his money comes in, he will stock up on tea. And, yes, when you have no food, tea is very good. I'm thinking about looking into what substance that does it.

Postat av: Evis

But how are we ever going to get to know each other then? I always go to bed at ten ;)

2010-01-27 @ 09:55:04
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Postat av: realfrille

Well, I don't think you in perticular need to worry. :-)

2010-01-28 @ 23:02:17

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