The importance of being well-dressed.

Yesterday I managed to make myself feel that I look good. I have a general low self esteem about my appearance, but yesterday was a good day.

Almost every item of garment that I own is hand-me-downs, been bought second hand, or has been given to me. With this I can be better dressed then most people.

I am not saying that I dress handsomely everyday. Right now I have blue fluffy socks, Adidas-pants and an old, worn, hoodie, but I'm at home and it's okay.

A friend of mine had a pair of new boots that were too big for her, so she gave them to me. Another friend wanted to throw away a pair of pants because it was a hole in the pocket, so I took them and mended it. Someone gave me a couple of years ago an old leather coat, it's a little small on me but I just don't close it, so it's fine.
This, and a nice sweater that I think I've bought second hand, is what I wore yesterday, with a shawl I once found in a puddle, and a hat (I wish there was a better translation for "mössa") that an aquaintance knitted for me.

The things I wear often comes with a story. The shawl I mentioned is a good example. I was at a conference in Höllviken, Skåne, and on a walk around the village I found it laying on the ground. It was nothing wrong with it, just that it was dirty and partially wet, so I took it with me and got it cleaned. Höllviken was also the home of a good friend of mine, so the shawl reminds me of the conference and of him.

How you dress impacts what other people think of you. I have many times done that experiment. Dressing a certain way can almost guarantee me to sit alone on an otherwise full bus, for instance. I remember a time when I had black Doc Marten boots, home-bleached jeans, and a jeanjacket with stains and burn marks. Also having a mohawk and being in an obvious bad mood of course added to the impression of me being a person better left alone. The seat next to me was empty, and three or four people were standing in the aisle of the bus.
Another time, still with the mohawk, but a studded and painted leather jacket, I noticed that I scared two old ladies on the street. They saw me, eyes widened, hands clutched tightly on their purses. So I did the only thing possible; I walked up to them, smilled, and asked very politely in a soft tone what the time was. One of them stammered an answer, I smiled again, thanked her very much, and walked away, laughing inside. After about twenty yards I curiously turned back, and they were still standing there, frozen, mouths agape.

After I've posted this, I'm on my way to the store. I'll be wearing the same boots and pants as yesterday, but with a Dolce&Gabbana sweater that an ex once gave to me because I looked better in it then him, and he was tired of it anyway. It's not even near being from this season, and too new to be vintage, but apart from it being a good sweater (and I do look good in it), the brand name is clearly visible and for people who only knows it's a fancy brand but knows nothing else about D&G (neither do I) it's impressive. I see the way they look at me wearing it, and it amuses me. Once in a while someone who knows about fashion and seasons will see me and frown, and that actually amuses me too.

It is important to think about how you dress. I'm not saying anyone should be obsessive about it, but try it. Before you leave home, think to yourself "what am I conveying about myself today?"

(For Swedish readers, this blog is somewhat inspired by and, in English readers . I have not yet figured out how to hyperlink.)


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