I am thinking about children.

Several things yesterday and tonight has me thinking about children.

I'm thinking about my friends that struggle, for very varying reasons, with their children. Especially the girl I chat with almost every night, I try to give her tips and support from afar. I worry about her, but she's strong. She's handling it. I hope that she feels that with me it's okay to not always know what to do.

Yesterday I brought a box of Barbies with accessories to my friend's, to give to her daughter. During my visit, my friend had a phone call from someone I don't know and I heard her say about me that I came over for socializing and brought Barbies for her daughter, since my son no longer plays with them. A pause, and then "yes, a son". To me it's so normal that I had forgotten that it's not normal for everybody.

Following various links I found myself reading an article that says that most injuries in small children happens in their own home, with the place not being secure enough.
I didn't have any safety measures in my home when my son was little, I never saw the need for anything else than to, for a period of time, stick a stick through the handles to the kitchen drawers so he couldn't open and hurt himself on something. Other than that, nothing. We just taught him that certain things are dangerous. He was a lively child, but still never gotten seriously injured.
Remember that before all these things (that are, for instance available at www.ikea.com , just type safety in the search box), door stops, corner bumpers and what-have-you got invented, kids still survived. What did your parents do? Build a safe place for you at home, or teach you that some things in the world are harmful?

A while ago I heard an aquaintance kids' nag him for something. At first he said no, then he said "go ask your mom for it". I can't remember my exact responce, but he then said "so what do you do when the kids nag?". My reply to that is, "no kid would nag me. If I say no, it is no."
This is an all to common thing, to give in to nagging. I never have.
A couple of years ago my son heard some girls complaining abour their food and nagging their mom. He asked me why the girls were acting up and I told him it's because they're spoiled. After that he looked at them in a whole different way, it was easy to see that he felt sorry for them. He knows that it's not good for a kid to be spoiled.

I am not claiming to be a perfect parent, but I have some principles and stick to them.

Kids in general like me. I'm not sure why, because I'm not the type of adult who builds Lego for hours or anything. I don't speak to them like people normally speak to small children. All I do is smile if I get eye contact. When I meet a new friend who has kids, I don't approach the kid at all, it's just the smiling. In time, the child will see that their parent likes me and we get along, thus I must be a good person.
I've read that when greeting a person with a child, always say hi to the child first. I'd say that's only if you've met the kid before and an ice-break moment has occured. The first time, just smile. When the kid says something to you (ice-break moment), respond, but before that don't say anything to the kid other than yes- or no-questions.
(I'd like comments on this, is it a good "recipie" or do you disagree?)

When you have small children, you have to plan ahead. Someone I believe did not plan at all, is "Octomom". If you don't understand who I mean, I congratulate you on missing the whole circus.

This is something absurd, a 11-yearold mom.
I'm sorry it's in Swedish, but basically the article tells about Kordeza who fell in love with a 19-year old and got pregnant, they married and had the kid. In Bulgaria 13-year old moms are common, but she's the first 11-year old in that city to give birth.
- Violeta is my daughter, and I have to grow up now, Kordeza says.

Postat av: Lena Svensson

About when you meet a child. I would say hi to both the parent and the child but not talk more to the child if the child didn't talk to me. My daugther likes people talking to her, she is 1.5 years.

2010-01-27 @ 20:19:24

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