The right to hate?

There has been a lot of talk about the right to love, and equal marriage rights for gay couples.
But do people have the right to hate? This article made me think. This is a young christian woman who feels that her rights have been violated, because her school wanted her to change her opinions about homosexuality.

Do we have the right to hate a group of people based on religious views?

I could hate the christians. Missionaries came to my country, a thousand years ago, in a mission to convert my people from the old troth to christianity.
But I don't. Crimes have been committed in the name of Jesus and the christian god, but I cannot hate all christians based on that. Some of my friends are christian...

The woman in the article, along with many others, believe that homosexuality is a choice of lifestyle. When do they think that choice was made, and how? Have they themselves chosen to be straight? Have they made a serious choice to only fall in love with someone of the opposite gender?

Christians aren't really a homogenous group that it's possible to have opinions about. There are Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, Latter-day Saints, and I can go on forever with that list.
Are homosexuals a homogenous group?

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