Tooth decay - and the book that cures'em?

Honestly, since I started brushing my teeth every morning (going from heavy depression where my teeth were the least of my concerns) I notice more and more cavities. I smoke less now, I drink less coffee, and what coffee I do drink has less sugar in it. I've even started eating regularly. I joke that my mouth is like a golf course - 18 holes ... but it get less funny for every new cavity I see in there.

So I spotted this book in my facebook feed.

Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition, Second Edition
By Ramiel Nagel

I was talking to this hippy a couple of years ago and she was into not brushing her teeth. She'd only do it if something had really gotten stuck between two teeth or something similar. She claimed that the last time she saw a dentist, he was impressed! All she did was using a thing to scrape stuff off of her tounge.

I've been thinking a whole lot about evolution vs creationism lately.
Why did we evolve so badly that there is a whole section of our heads that needs something unnatural being done to them twice in a day?
If god/gods created man, why were we made in that fashion?

A lot of people have washed their hair so often that it's now unmanagable without schampoo and conditioner. Now, I have for several years belived that hair is natural and should be treated so. I wash my hair with schampoo once a week, otherwise I leave it alone. If I've been very sweaty, I rinse it out with water.
Some of my friends are going with no-poo. The most silly word, short for "no schampoo". Google it, if you don't believe me. I'm not down that road yet, but I might get there. They use other stuff for their hair.

I belive in not showering too much. The natural smell of a person is ruined from showering once or twice a day. Skin gets dry and I believe it will make fine wrinkles sooner. Once a week, unless I'm smelling badly. And I don't smell badly so quick.

Now, all of these things I know people believe in, but a diet that can cure your tooth decay? Is the author up for Nobel Prize yet?

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