New Year.

The new calendar year will hopefully bring more of the good stuff I tasted during 2011.

There's been a lof of shit happening, which is why I haven't been blogging. It's always been my intention to clear it all out, but there's never been a calm enough time to sort my thoughts and feelings out.

Now, I feel a bit calmer, and maybe I'll soon be serene enough to tell my version.

I'm not the bastard rumors have it that I am. I have my reasons for doing what I've done, and it's honestly never been my intention to hurt anyone, no matter how they've hurt me.

I take pride in living honestly. And I will share more, honestly and openly, about how my life has been, what I've been through, to put me in the position where I had to keep some stuff to myself.

But, the gods know me. They know my souls' intent. And I walk this path with their blessing.

Happy new calendar year, y'all!

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