I McGyver my way through life.

The title of this entry came to me as I was playing a mindless game. I like to do that, play something really simple and just let my mind wander.

I was thinking about how adaptable I am. A couple of days ago I said to a friend "I'm so used to everything suddenly changing". Things just happen to me, and I've stopped trying to change my destiny, I go with what life throws at me.

In an episode of McGyver, he's going down into a laboratory, people want to give him a kit of stuff to bring with him, but he only brings a pocket of matches and a flashlight, and says "I'll get by with what I find along the way".
That is how I live my life.

A couple of times, I've lost almost everything I owned. This has made me less materialistic than most people. Of course I have some items that I cherish, but most things are not essential to me.

Some people see this as a sad way of life, but I think that I rarely get disappointed. If I don't expect anything good, the surprise is bigger when good happens, and the disappointment smaller when something's going bad.

I don't make plans. I do not attempt to foresee the future and fantasize about "how it's going to be", I know that there is no way to beat what the Norns have in their weave for me.

I am poor. Most of the stuff I have, has been given to me. I am lucky that way. It's very rare that I have a wish about wanting something material (although I would like a bike); if the Gods see it fit for me to have it, sooner or later I will get it. It goes the other way around, too. If you need something that I have, I could give it to you. Me and my best buddy does this a lot, I'm wearing his old jacket, and he's got some of my shirts and pants. That way, he's lucky, too.

I get by with what I find along the way, and if you're a friend of mine, I can help you get by, too.


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