The silent, angry, type.

This was posted in the commentary field of an aquaintance:

"if you haven't figured out yet why i am mad at you then there is no need for conversation."

Now, what's the gender of the poster?

Why do women do this? They take offence for something we often cannot know they took offence for, and then it's left to us to guess what we've done.
Sometimes, a womans mood and boundaries change over the course of a month. What is okay to joke about one day, might be offensive to her a week later. My ex-girlfriend did this, but I refused to be guessing. If she didn't want to tell me, it was her choice, and I just didn't care. Everytime she would eventually come to her senses and start to talk to me about it, I just waited her out.

There are many types of people. A lot of men can be described as "the strong, silent, type". But have you ever thought about the fact that many women fit the description "the silent, angry, type"?


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