The prom "controversy".

Writing this, I have just seen this on CNN. A lesbian girl is not allowed to take her girlfriend to prom.
I normally try not to care so much, I've given up the thought of changing the world. But this... Well, it felt kind of close to home.

In Sweden, we have "avslutningsbal", which is like a prom. Five years ago, my girlfriend chose not to go to avslutningsbalen. If she had chosen to, I would've been happy to be her date for it. Some schools here have not allowed same-sex couples to go, but I believe that the town we lived in was civilized enough to let us.

I used to be a part of the LGBT-community. I used to be chairman of the board in a district of RFSL Ungdom, Swedens' biggest organization for LGBT-youth. I left all of that for several reasons, which I will not disclose here. But now, I almost miss that. I miss the "we can change unfairness, we can change ignorance"-feeling.

It is the year 2010. Whenever I tell an anecdote about something from when I was with above-mentioned girlfriend, some people stilll give me queer looks, if you don't mind the pun. That is strange. The love I felt for that girl was no different than what I've felt for boyfriends I've had. The only difference was that we didn't have to worry about one of us getting pregnant.

What is it, really, about homosexuality, that scares some people?
Sexual orientation is not contagious. If it were, the vast majority of heterosexuals would make homosexuality impossible.
Straight parents sometimes get gay children. So gay people having children, would not necessarily make the children gay. 
Gay is not a "choice of lifestyle". What would drive a person into choosing a life where they run the risk of being hated?

The Mississippi school said that it would've been distracting if Constance and her girl were allowed to go. Again, this is the year 2010, who is distracted by that? And I can think of so many more distracting things that can go on at a prom. Yeah, I've seen movies. Some people grope their date - distraction, some people dance horribly - distraction, someone gets drunk - distraction, people get into fights - distraction. What is distracting if two girls dance together, or hold hands? And, distracting from what? The groping, fights, drunkenness, and bad dancing, that straight students are rather to do?


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