Body health issues.

Lately, I've realized that I've gained some weight, and that I've developed acne. I didn't have much acne when I was young, and it feels silly to be almost 30 with pimples. There are some pants I can't wear anymore and I measured my waist just out of curiosity, and it was almost two inches over the limit for being fat. I'm naturally slim, so this belly is really not good.

Something's gotta happen. I need to detox.

I've been online for an hour trying to find something I can do at home, that will not cost me a lot of money. I already drink a lot of herbal tea, but what else do I have to do?


Olive Oil once a week?

”The day when you have thought to detoxify your system, no eating after 4 o clock in the evening (a day prior). Late in the evening at around 10:30 take ¾ cup of a grape fruit juice, mix this to ½ cup of Olive Oil, stir and keep it aside for half an hour. After half an hour drink this mixture and go to bed instantly. Next morning, help yourself by doing a sea-salt water flush and to balance this have a glass full of fiber drink. This is the efficient way to cleanse your body.”

But what is a ”fiber drink”? Is that expensive?


Contrast showers?

”It's a type of detoxing method that will cleanse your body from the outside in. This method requires you to alternate between hot and cold showers.

A combination of hot and cold water in contrast showers is believed to boost your immune system, repair and restore your body into its optimal state. Other than this, this type of shower is also known to reduce muscle strain, reduce lactic acid in your muscles and also revilatize your skin.

The underlying concept of a contrast shower is very simple. Alternating the rotations of heat/cold is extremely effective and the varying of temperature is vital for its impact and results. A few minutes of hot water, followed by a strong blast of around 1 minutes of cold water, then go back to more hot water for around two minutes and then revert back to the wake-up blast of cold water.”

I already do a version of that, showering gradually colder and colder.

24 hour detox?

”A 24 hour detoxification liquid diet is best suited for those that smokes, drink and over eat in most of their meals. It is considered a quick fix to get your system back on track and doing it 3 to 5 times a year will help you get rid of the toxin build up in your body. ”

This one calls for a food processor or mixer, which I don't have and couldn't be bothered using if I did. But it's sounding real good, I fit the ”best suited for” since I smoke. I need to cut back on that, though. I also eat a lot of meat.


Colon Detox? / Herbal colon cleansing?

”Our body is designed in such a way that you can definitely withstand many levels of toxins but when the amount grows with continuous consumption of junk food, the number of toxins will naturally increase. As a result the human body will gradually stop functioning correctly leading to certain health issues like liver dysfunction, premature ageing, and improper bowel movements and so on. Therefore you should find some ways by which you can remove the toxins effectively from the body and this came in the form of colon detox process. ”

The downside is that I found a list of symtoms my body would have whilst detoxing, and since I don't live alone, that choice is not for me.


There are several other ways to detox, but I'm thinking I need to think out a personal plan for me. One of the sites I found stated that filtered coffee is good, so I'm doing that right already!


Fruits and vegetables.... Well, I'm allergic to most of them in raw form and a lot of nutriants disappear when cooked. Will a boiled carrot be as good for me as a raw? I don't think so. So that is a problem for me personally.


I'll be thinking more about this. Something needs to be done.


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