Sinuses, oh, my.

Or, "oh, my sinuses".

I got the flu, I think. Feeling to hot, then too cold.
In all this, I think I have sinus congestion. I wanted to translate it into Swedish as "bihåleinflammation", but my partner says it's incorrect, so I'm gathering info right now.

In the US, I bought Tylenol Sinus for my friend who often has sinus problems. I happened to have some left, and took them today. They really helped me, but as there is no equivalent in Sweden, I have the choice between seeing a doctor to get penicillin, or use natural remedies.

It's much cheaper to see a doctor here, it costs me 100 kr (about 12-15 US dollars), but I just don't want to take penicillin as other than a last resort.

There are pressure points on our bodies that can help relieve, or cure, symtoms or illnesses. This article explains well how to do in a case of sinus congestion/cold/flu. I tried it just a little for fun, and I don't know if it really does work or if it's placebo effect, but I felt a little clearer.

This page gave me the advice of Vitamin C, but seeing as I'm allergic to most kinds of raw fruit and vegetables, I'd have to take it as pills, and they are a little expensive.

We had tea, and I figured steam would be good to clear up my stuffiness. I leaned over the mug and inhaled, the best I could, through my nose. It helped a little bit, but then I had also recently taken the Tylenol.

This is a list of remedies, recipies even, that will (according to reviews on the page) cure or help you. The most popular one is the Tomato Tea. Since it's heated I might be able to drink it, despite me being allergic to tomatoes.

I'll get back to having tea and relaxing. I might have another glass of water with apple cider vinegar. Oh, and a type of chewy mints that my partner bought for me. :-)


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